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I got into Jungle music when I was 14 years old. My first tape was from the Paradise Club with Mickey Finn & MCGQ, since i heard that I was hooked and was getting tape packs from Desire, Helter Skelter to One Nation.  


After that I wanted to learn how to mix so I managed to get myself a set of decks, they wernt great but did the job. I soon leant how to beat mix match then slowly mastered my own style of mixing and double dropping techquie. Then I went on to do my first set at Pulse night club in Chatham Kent in 2006. I became a regular DJ on FRiday nights alongside this I was doing shows at Urban Heights Radio, Bassbin Terroist, Raving Itch and the mighty Blindinbeatz Radio studio formally in Chathman Kent.


I am now a resident DJ for DNB3FLOW which has opened up alot of good opportunities for me such as performing at the likes of STICKY, LOVE MUSIC HATE RACISM, CONFUZION and many other DNB3FLOW events hosted by MC DRAMA.


I play all different styles of DNB from jump-up, oldskool and from time to time I enjoy mixing up some liqiud. I am very open minded and love to go with the flow and the crowd reaction whilst I perform. I love doing what I do cant wait to see what the future holds for myself as a DJ and in life.


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