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I consider myself as a host and crowd hype (mc) very much an origianl flow, rhythm, flare and style, sometimes very crude rude and vulgar, but i'm not out to offend take it or leave it, love or hate there's no stopping my pasion and love for the scene.


Been surrounded by rave since back in the day when my older brother was going out in the early 90s it’s in my blood. Bedroom covered in flyers, listening to kool fm, unity fm, classic raves like fantazia, dreamscape, fusion, desert storm, roast, awol loved them all. Collecting the classic single cassette and the mighty 8-12 packs from local record shops (biting back recs) (loco recs) and the mighty blackmarket soho.


I first picked up the mic at a house party way back in 2001. The seed was planted ! I would of never of dreamt or seen myself as an mc nor did I ever take it seriously, now to hear the crowd reaction and feel the vibe there’s no going back.


I am proud to say I have performed at the likes of pure science & jungle fever, sticky, epidemik, breakology, dusk til dawn, random concept  mc/dj comp Kent heat finalist and many more.

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